Rhus typhina

Conical shrub fruit, red in autumn. Green foliage in summer, turning shiny red, yellow or orange in autumn. Suitable for large spaces because of its invasiveness.
Rhus typhina
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Latin Name
Rhus typhina
Common Name
Sumac amarante, vinaigrier
English Name
Staghorn Sumac
Carriage Bushy, making it flared like a palm tree with large leaves drooping.
Foliage Was green, shining in the autumn red, yellow or orange.
Flowering Conical panicles greenish.
Fruit Hairy drupes.
Growth Rapid, appropriate for large areas because of its invasiveness. Used in revegetation. Preference for well-drained soils. Suckering plant.
Use Isolated, screen, massive, vegetation, slope.
Height 6 meters
Largeur 4,5 meters
Zone 3a


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