Philadelphus Coronarius Aurius

Shrub with bright yellow foliage taking a yellowish-green tint thereafter. Slightly fragrant leaves are deciduous.
Philadelphus coronarius Aureus
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Latin Name
Philadelphus coronarius Aureus
Common Name
Golden Mock-Orange
English Name
Golden Mock-Orange
Carriage Shrub with an upright and compact. Numerous branches.
Foliage Shrub foliage bright yellow hue taking a yellowish-green later. The slightly fragrant leaves are deciduous.
Flowering The pleasantly fragrant white flowers in May-June are few.
Growth Slow growth
Utilization Plant used in combination, very interesting for its golden foliage and fragrance of its flowers.
Height 2 meters Largeur 1 meter
Exposition Sun, partial shade. Zone 4b


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