Euonymus alatus

The Fusains or Euonymus is part of the Celastraceae family. This type counts about 175 species of shrubs and trees and of radicand, deciduous and persevering plants, native of the Northern Hemisphere concentrated in the Far Eastern region
Euonymus alatus
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Latin name Euonymus Alatus
French name Fusain Ailé
English name Winged Euonymus, Burning Bush.
Carriage Compact shrub with a rounded carriage. Boughs provided with suberous wings.
Foliage Dark green foliage taking a purple and orange colour in fall.
Flowering Yellowish flowers in Juin.
Fruit Produces red orange fruits in September and Octobre.
Growth Average to slow growth.
Use Very decorative aspect in winter by its stems and its fall colouring.
Height 2 meters Width 1.5 meters
Exposure Sun, semi-shade. Zone 3


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