Hyppophea rhamnoides Leikora (femelle)

Leikora is a German variety with large fruit. Thorny plant. We must associate with a male plant for fruiting.
Hippophea rhamnoides Leikora (femelle)
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Latin Name
Hyppophea rhamnoides Leikora
Common Name
Argousier Leikora, saule épineux Leikora
English Name
Leikora Sea Buckthorn
Carriage Erected. Plant with thorns.
Foliage The leaves are deciduous, alternate and are very narrow. Green on the upper side and silvery gray on the underside.
Flowering Greenish yellow in spring before the leaves.
Orange fruit, big and bulging. In September and remain all winter on the plant.
Growth Medium to fast
Use For its edible fruit, in hedges, and very decorative.
Height 1,5 meters Largeur meter
Zone 3 à 9


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